Why CBD Oil Is The Future of Pharmaceuticals

CBD, a cannabinoid, is one of many compounds found in cannabis plants. These plants come from the cannabis family called Cannabaceae. CBD has two types of derivatives being hemp and marijuana. The difference between these types is the tetrahydrocannabinol content. This is commonly referred to as THC.

CBD oil comes from the extraction of the hemp-based cannabis plant. The hemp-based plant has minimal levels of THC as opposed to the marijuana-based plant. Studies of these cannabinoids have shown that hemp-based cannabis can be used to treat several incurable diseases. This is where the legalities of CBD oils are at a crossroads within the United States of America.

Which Derivative is Legal?

Marijuana-based cannabis has psychoactive side effects. Marijuana is only legal in a few states.

Hemp-based cannabis has very minimal levels of THC, therefore not resulting in any psychoactive side effects. The legality of CBD oils depends on the derivative of the cannabinoid which is either marijuana or hemp.

However, both types are actually legal in some states of America. The hemp version of cannabis is legal in the whole of America with buying, selling, and the possession of the plant. This mainly falls under the cannabis being used for medicinal purposes only.

Pro-CBD or Anti-CBD

CBD is not legal is all 50 states as each has varying state and federal laws regarding the use of cannabis. 29 states have only legalized cannabis for medicinal use. Cannabis used for recreation and medicinal purposes is legal in California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky, Maine, Washington, and Massachusetts.

Anti-CBD States

Despite studies showing the benefits of CBD oils, it is still completely illegal in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil Use

The use of CBD oils has shown to relieve bodily pain, decrease seizures in epileptic patients, and lower the risk of developing diabetes. Studies are still in process to determine whether CBD oils are truly able to treat mental illnesses such as social anxiety disorder.

CBD oils are available for purchase at many dispensaries in different states. The product has become very popular in Los Angeles, California.

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